Shortest Lunch 2020

Due to COVID-19 The Shortest Lunch has been cancelled for this year. So we have decided to send you on a vinified tour of the Yarra Valley Smaller Wineries from the comfort of your couch! Our new packs will each feature a dozen unique wines from our participating wineries - think of it as a series of Shortest Lunches from home. We have curated 36 wines into three unique cases. No two cases have the same wines, and each case is a mix of red and white, along with rose or sparkling varietals. If you order 2 Dozen, you will receive 24 unique wines, if you order 1 Dozen, you will receive 12 unique wines and you can be assured none are from the same winery. Participating wineries and their wines in the all new Shortest Lunch packs are listed below. Pair each with a recommended bite and enjoy a gastronomical adventure while housebound. The wines range from $24 to $45 in value, with each case heavily reduced to just $300 and cases averaging a full retail value of $390. A saving of $90.

Also available is a six bottle pack of mixed wines valued at over $195 reduced to $155. A saving of $40.


Due to liquor licencing laws a maximum of 2 cases (24 bottles) of wine can be purchased per transaction.

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