Oaktree Vineyard

Located in the Yarra Valley opposite the new walking Trail in Coldstream – Oaktree Vineyard is a true gem of the Yarra Valley. Although the Cellar Door is a recent addition to the property, the vineyard itself was established over 30 years ago.

The Murphy Family purchased the property in 2018 and began making their own wine in 2014 with winemaker Allan Johns. There is approximately 8 acres of vines producing Pinot Noir, Rose and Cabernet Sauvignon. Brian and Pam, their children and grandchildren have all been involved in the development and growth of what is now Oaktree Vineyard. From hand picking the grapes to the design and construction of their beautiful Cellar Door. The Cellar Door was constructed in 2018, and was created from the remnants of an old milking shed and recycled timbers found on the property.

In the colder months you can come along and enjoy a wine and the views sitting by the fire pit or relax in the comforts of the history-inspired cellar door.  

About the Winemaker

Alan Johns

Alan Johns, also the Vigneron at Yering Farm Wines, has been the winemaker at Oaktree Vineyards for over 9 years.

Alan comes from a long line or orchardists and farmers he has received numerous awards and excellent reviews for his wine making. He is renowned for integrating both new and old world wine making philosophies, innovations and wine styles.



Thursday - Sunday10am - 4.00pm


Cellar Door 
Picnic tables outside
Fire Pit
Wheelchair Access
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