Steels Gate Wines

Steels Gate Home Block Vineyard is situated at 230m above sea level and was planted in the late 1970’s on an undulating slope on friable grey loam soils.

Purchased in 2009 by husbands Matthew Davis and Brad Atkins, the site was overrun by blackberries and the vines were in need of some significant nurturing. Having previously been used in award winning wines, the challenge was set to return the vines once again to their former glory. It is at this site that the Steels Gate winery was established and continues to be located. The block which is surrounded by King Lake National park consists of 50:50 Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines and is completely un-irrigated and hand nurtured.

In 2017, Matthew and Brad decided they needed to expand their business and get out of the corporate world. After investigating all alternatives, the two of them discovered an amazing vineyard with restaurant and cellar door for sale in Dixons Creek, which they acquired in early 2018.

This new purchase tripled the size of their estate and in addition to adding more Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, it diversified their estate offerings with Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, plus a small amount of Cabernet Franc and Merlot vines (now used in their single barrel range).

Expecting to run a cellar door with “cafe” type food, Matthew and Brad suddenly found themselves as restaurateurs for the first time ever as demand for top quality food was constant. 

About the Winemaker

Matthew Davis & Brad Atkins 

Steels Gate Wines Co-Directors/Owners Matthew Davis and Brad Atkins oversee all aspects of their business, including the wine making. With over 15 years leadership and management experience in the wine industry, the two are proud to call themselves Vignerons, growing their own fruit, making the Steels Gate wine and selling.

Matthew, with Brad's support over key times throughout the year, is responsible for the viticulture across the two ‘blocks’ that make up Steels Gate Wine estates. Conversely, Brad is responsible for the Steels Gate Restaurant and Cellar Door located at their Dixons Creek vineyard, with Matthew on standby to support as needed.

The two partners then come together in the winery throughout the year to make the Steels Gate Wines.



Friday 11:30am -5:30pm
Saturday 11:30-9:30
Sunday 11:30-5:30


Cellar door
Weddings - sit down 60 pax, stand up 90 pax